Millat Tractors Limited (MTL) was established in 1964 to introduce and market Massey Ferguson (MF) Tractors in Pakistan. An assembly plant was set up in 1967 to assemble tractors imported in semi-knocked down (SKD) condition.

The company was nationalized under Economic Reforms Order in 1972 and started assembling and marketing tractors on behalf of Pakistan Tractor Corporation (PTC) which was formed by the Government for import of tractors in SKD condition. In 1980 the Government decided on indigenization of the tractors and entrusted this task to PTC (Pakistan Tractor Corporation).

PTC transferred this role of indigenization in 1981 to MTL. This was the turning point in the Company‚Äôs history and it went about the task methodically and rapidly. The Company undertook this new role with enthusiasm and in the spirit of national development and proved its engineering capabilities by surprising the deletion targets set by the Government. Just in one year’s time, the company took a giant step towards self-reliance by setting up the first engine assembly plant in Pakistan.

In 1992, the company was privatized. The employees joined hands and took over the management by winning an open bid.

To maintain its leadership role in tractor manufacturing in the country, MTL continues to look toward future, to identify and exploit new opportunities and to consolidate existing ones. The Tractor Assembly Plant is part of this philosophy. This plant started its production in 1992. The establishment of this modern plant not only increased production capacity to 16000 tractors per year on a single shift basis, but also provided a quantum jump to the quality of the assembled tractors and pushed MTL into ranks of the major tractor manufacturing companies of the World.

The Company made a strategic decision right in the beginning to bring those manufacturing facilities in-house for which capabilities did not exist in the country and for parts which required high precision and investment. Therefore, in 1984, sophisticated manufacturing facilities for the machining of intricate components were set up. These were previously not available in Pakistan. Currently, critical components like Engine Blocks, Sump, Transmission Case, Axle Housing, Hydraulic Lift Cover, Front Axle Support and Centre Housing are all being machined most successfully in-house at MTL from locally sourced castings.

In 1992, the production of Millat Tractors was just 8,000 units per annum with variety of only 2 main products, now the annual production is reached from 8,000 units to 45,000 units with variety of 8-different main models. Moreover, the company looks to the future with optimism and plans to broaden its customer base. Consequently the opportunities are being explored in multi-application of engines and tractors in areas other than farming sectors. Mass Production of Generating Sets was started in 1994, while a 3-Ton Fork Lift Truck branded as Millat, based on TCM technology was launched in the year 2002.

In addition, Millat Tractors Limited has been the regular recipient of the Corporate Excellence Award of Management Association of Pakistan and the Top Companies Award of Karachi Stock Exchange, since early eighties. MTL’s Annual Report has been acknowledged as the Best Annual Report by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Admin Association of Pakistan for several years.